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When you don’t know where to go…

When you don’t know where to go…

Illness is the toughest teacher, it gives you the test first and the lesson afterward

-Dr. Brad Rachman

Begin your journey back to your health potential

Guided by someone who has been right where you are

Having experienced the ravages of a crippling autoimmune arthritis in my 20s, I know far too well the frustration, uncertainty and hopelessness that can accompany serious and chronic illness. I know what it’s like to desperately need answers, but to only be met with more questions and dead ends- to loose all hope of ever finding a path back to your former self.

My own personal journey back to wellness began with a conventional clinical training as a Chiropractic Physician. But the need to understand  the root causes of my own health challenges lead me exclusively into the study and practice of Nutritional Biochemistry and Functional Medicine.

Fortunately, I also have studied under some of the worlds foremost functional medicine thought leaders- big, bold thinkers who instilled in me the relentless pursuit of “Root Cause” in the patients who entrust me with their health.

If you have chronic, challenging or difficult to diagnose health issues and are seeking to really know why you are ill and how to find your way back to your full self, I hope you will read more about my work. Perhaps I can be of value and service…


Uncover the Root Cause

While symptoms can tell us a lot about your health condition, they don’t tell us the entire story. I explore something deeper than your symptoms- central cause. I assure that the underlying, root cause of your health condition is uncovered and directly addressed. I am committed to getting to the functional imbalance at the root of your health concerns.


For You and Only You

You are more like a snowflake than a label- you are a unique collection of genes, lifestyle and vitality. I do not support mass-media, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches to your health. I appreciate that you have a unique physiology and work hard to match your therapeutic regimen to your unique genes, innate constitution and specific health imbalance.


First, Do No Harm

My approach is not “alternative.” I don’t reject medication, surgery or other more conventional therapeutics. I do, however, prefer solutions which are safe, effective and, most importantly, sustainable. Although I utilize sophisticated natural compounds and personalized lifestyle interventions to return your body back to balance, my ultimate goal is to have your food, movement, sleep and mindfulness be your best medicine.


Less Is Sometimes More

I recognize that in life (and healing), small things matter. I strive to perfectly match the therapeutic solutions that leverage the innate healing properties of your own body. I utilize advanced laboratory diagnostics and breakthrough statistical analysis to monitor very subtle changes in your physiology- continually refining my therapeutic approach.


It Can Take a Village

At my heart I am a team player. And my collaboration begins with you. I ask you to become an active member of your own healthcare team- fully participating in clinical discussions, data collection and decision making. I also strive to integrate into your existing healthcare team- often bridging gaps and uncovering the web-like connections between various providers and therapies. When necessary, I refer to primary care physicians and other specialists- always keeping your health as my primary focus.


Real Answers in Real-Time

My care for patients does not simply start and stop with each scheduled virtual consultation. I encourage my patients to be in communication with me throughout the healing process- to share any concerns, changes in their symptoms, and also their enthusiasm as they begin to finally feel better again. Whether by phone, email or text messaging, I remain available and connected with my patients in an organic and meaningful way.

Uncover the functional imbalances at the heart of your symptoms.

Conditions Treated Every Day

Immune Imbalance

Autoimmunity, immune fatigue, chronic infections (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic), Long COVID

Hormonal Imbalance

Menopause, PMS, fertility, male performance, stress/adrenal dysfunction

Digestion / Elimination

Imbalances of digestion, assimilation, elimination

Pain & Inflammation

Joints, muscles, organs & tissues

Nerves & Cognition

Brain fog, unusual body sensations, weakness, lack of coordination & balance

Heart & Circulation

Heart & vessel disease, poor blood flow


Loss of energy, poor motivation, depleted endurance


Chronic illnesses, difficult diagnostic challenges, complex cases